Voice of an Angel

"Susan Abod is blessed with the voice of an angel, a devilish wit, and the soul equal Thich Nhat Han, Billie Holiday and Mae West. Singing her heartout, she touches ours." - Fred Small

Fresh and Innovative

"Fresh and innovative songwriting. Understated emotional power. Funny. Tender, Well-sung, well delivered- a gift for the listener." - Rebecca Parris

Smile In Her Voice

"Susan Abod is a singer with a genuine smile in her voice. And I confess, "You'd Look Swell in Nothing" is one of those hook lines I wish I had written." - Holly Near, Singer / Songwriter

Promise and Peace

"The first time I heard Susan Abod sing, her honest, sumptuous voice carried me. This was a voice I wanted to hear more of." - Mary Jo Palumbo, Boston Herald